Saturday, May 26, 2012

What do you love? From Google.

Today I rediscovered "What do you love?" from Google.
As usual, I found fascinating new design solution for search, and this is a particular appealing one.
I really like how Google presents me with different context and type of artifact that I pertinent to my search, bubbling up one or more entry I can preview and further explore.
In a sense this is a different way to enable faceted search, by displaying a sample visual snip of the search results.
Once again, I find Google vision, elegant and simple implementation absolutely fascinating.

In a sense this is not a completely new idea. Wolfram|Alpha started doing something similar few years ago, with a little different spin: more toward expert knowledge ability and data analysis than information browsing.
If you type a generic search term in Wolfram|Alpha as "interaction design", the results are not all that exciting. Conversely, if you type a more scientific keyword, as "temperature" you will get extremely interesting results.


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