Thursday, July 12, 2012

Jellybean new search UI

Jellybean introduced Search Cars as the new UI for displaying featured search results. Search Cards provide a visual and easy-to-scan display of the results, accompanying textual information with images and link to the source.
Following some examples. A search of Angelina Jolie's movies would return a picture of the actress alongside with a list of her most popular movies and a link to Wikipedia.
A search of the earth's mass would return an image of our planet with the mass value in kilos and a link to Wikipedia.
In a way Google was already experimenting with a similar approach in their new search "what do you love"

But this is not all. Searching is getting smarter using your current location to provide results that better fit your needs. Searching for the weather forecast displays information about your current location and five days forecast. Searching for Starbucks displays Starbucks location around you.

Searching for pictures of a specific subject returns a set of images organized in a grid.

Swiping away the search card would reveal more results.

In place of the cards Jellybean will then display a more traditional scrolling list of all results.


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